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Love and Relationships

This story is from do you guys have any suggestions for her? She says Hello nolimitvoices! I do have the topic of love I’d like to discuss. My hope is that some un-bias advice will help the situation. Here it goes…….After a 12 year on and off relationship it was time to sit or get off the pot. My friends ex boyfriend asked for her hand in marriage, but she was not willing to uproot her life to another location without the necessary support needed for her survival, just yet. Necessary support included a stable home, stable environment, an engagement ring, health coverage and the comfort of knowing she could land a job within the area he resided in. Her ex boyfriend never believed for a moment that she was going to leave her job and relocate. So they broke up once again. Now…the ex boyfriend calls after 8 months to let her know he is now married and living in another location. WAIT GET THIS…BUT HE STILL LOVES HER. AND WANTS TO BE FRIENDS. My friend is dumbfounded and extremely upset at this news. I’m not clear on what happened exactly, but it sounds to me like a serious communication gap took place. Perhaps she led him to believe she wasn’t interested so he let go. But is it fair to her? She’s feeling like he stole 12 years of her life and filled it with broken promises and insecurities. I am somewhat baffled myself. I really want her to let go and move on. Not sure what to tell her. Any suggestions?

Single Parenting

Goodmorning to everyone, I have a friend that came to me, who is a single mother of 4 and out of the 2 are minors, she has a 12 year old daughter who decided that she wants to have sex behind her mothers back. My friend works 12 hour overnight shifts, one day she was on her way to work, but before she left out her house, she checked her daughters cell phone and there was a text to a young boy, tellin him what time her mother goes to work, what time she comes home and when there is no adult authority around, which includes her elder sister and brother. My friend was so upset, because in the text her daughter was writing word for word about the sex act that she wanted to do with this boy, she also shared with me that her daughter is a virgin, not even havin her menstral period. My friend was on her way to work still in possession of her daughters phone, as she got half way to work she called the job to call off at the last minute telling them she had a emergency, which left me on stuck because she was my relief from work but besides that, she called to apologize and explain to me her reason for calling out at the last minute, my friend is a hard worker, working more than one job, and being a single mother at the sametime, I can relate, my friend also decided to cut back her hours because she feel that would stop her daughter for making the biggest mistake of her life, she asked for my advice and Im not sure how to give it to her, without stepping on her parenting skills at the same time, so I would like to hear from you all, what would you do if you were in that situation or knew someone who came to you about it?

Open Discussion

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